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SunMoon was founded in 2020 by Dr.Laurel Liu who thinks that the complex theories behind oriental medicine and seemingly dangerous techniques that involve needles and fire often frighten people and prevent them from trying them out. There are many easy, non-intrusive and safe methods that people can practice easily on their own at home. These techniques and methods are effective in both solving common ailments and maintaining general well-being.

At Sunmooncare our number one goal is to help people through the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We believe that everyone can use the techniques that were perfected over thousands of years to benefit and boost their health. If you learn how to properly apply techniques like Acupressure, GuaSha, and Bojin, you can easily incorporate them in your daily routine! These methods are helpful for so many kinds of ailments, from headaches to targeted disease treatment. We want to teach the knowledge that’s been passed down from generations, and help people feel better, stronger, and more confident as they continue their journey in this life. Let us show you the many wonderful things that TCM can do for you.

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About Dr. Laurel

Dr. Laurel is a licensed acupuncturist and TCM practitioner. She has graduated from renowned universities, both in China and Canada, majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

She practices as a herbalist and board-licensed acupuncturist with the College and Association of Acupuncturists in Alberta (CAAA) and as a Registered Traditional TuiNa massage therapist with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). She came to Canada in 2013, and began work in a bustling acupuncture clinic. 

Over the eight years that she has worked there, she has treated thousands of patients through acupuncture, herbal medicine, GuaSha tools, TuiNa, and other remedies.