The SunMoon Care 7-Day Challenge

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The Proposal

Join Our 7-Day Lung Care Challenge and Learn How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Nourish your Lungs for a Longer Life!

  Are you ready to embrace the fall season while taking proactive steps to care for your Lungs? Join us for our exclusive 14-Day Prepare for Autumn Challenge!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our body's organizational structure is rooted in the five seasons. Each season has a specific organ to focus on. In spring, it's the Liver; early summer, the Spleen is late summer, the Heart; autumn, the Lungs; and winter, the Kidneys.


Autumn is the time to target the Lungs, which means that this is the most impactful time to prevent many Lung-related symptoms. Neglecting Lung care can lead to a range of discomforts, which is why symptoms such as runny nose, asthma, cough, sore throat, and dry, itchy skin show up during the autumn season. Nurturing and cleansing our Lungs in autumn become essential in preventing these symptoms from taking hold. Over the span of 14-days, we’ll guide you on a journey to ensure your Lungs are in the top shape for the crisp autumn air.

Sign up and get started with taking a proactive step towards a healthier you this fall

What to Expect

Daily Emails: receive daily emails packed with valuable information, tips, and guidance on how to protect your Lungs for a longer life. We’ll cover topics like...

1. Lung meridian GuaSha scraping routine

2. Grocery shopping list to learn what foods to buy for nourishing your Spleen and Stomach, which in turn will nourish your Lungs 

3. A delicious, easy-to-make seasonal tonic for nourishing your Lungs

4. Acupressure points to stimulate for Lung care

5. Lung strengthening breathing techniques you can practice this season to improve your overall Lung health

6. TaiChi to balance the mind and body

  Journaling and progress: we encourage you to document your journey! Before and after starting the challenge, write down your symptoms, feelings, and any changes you notice in your Lung health. Take note of your results so you can see the positive impact of your commitment.

Our goal is to empower you to prioritize your Lung health and provide you with the knowledge and practices to do so effectively. This is not just about information; it’s about taking action and making a commitment to yourself.

But wait, there’s an added bonus!

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This means you’ll get an Eight Bead Acupressure Stick and Five Knob Meridian Comb to help you on your path to self-healing!

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