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Uncover the timeless art of GuaSha, a remarkable therapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that rejuvenates both body and mind. With a history spanning nearly 3,000 years, GuaSha evolved from its early use in the Tang Dynasty to become a widely practiced technique today.

Beyond its reputation as a beauty-enhancing treatment, GuaSha offers remarkable therapeutic effects for a wide range of body conditions. From recurring pain to digestive disorders, GuaSha strengthens the body's regulatory systems and bolsters disease resistance to enhance rehabilitation.

The GuaSha set in our Collection One is crafted from 100% Terahertz Stone, ensuring its authenticity and integrity without any added glue. This versatile set caters to both body GuaSha and facial GuaSha, offering a healing experience for your full body.

Collection 2

Step into a world of healing and self-care with our thoughtfully curated collection of body treatment tools and herbal oils inspired by the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Developed by licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, this collection is crafted with Chinese herbal ingredients, to nourish, repair, and rejuvenate your body, honoring ancient healing practices.

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