Laurel Liu

Board Registered Acupuncturist, Traditional TuiNa Massage Therapist, Herbalist

I am the second generation in my family to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, and this allows me to learn (TCM) and herbs systematically throughout my whole life. I have always been fascinated by the benefits of holistic approaches for the human body, and how it functions through nature.

Sunmoon terahertz guasha set is developed and designed for both face and body and crafted from 100% authentic Terahertz Stone. These amazing products are a result of many years of Traditional Chinese GuaSha therapy.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, people used ramie scraping to treat skin disease. During the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, there have been many treatment records, using a ceramic spoon to scrape the back to drive away evil spirits. In the Qing Dynasty, the scraping syndrome was recorded in <<72 kinds of Sha Symptom Treatment Law>> and other monographs.

Gua sha becomes more popular on the internet because it is effective on skin conditions, especially facial antiaging. however, guasha is not just for facial antiaging, It benefits the entire body's health.

When you practice body guasha and scrape the head, face, hands, feet, spine, and other parts of our body. It can discover potential pathological changes in advance, understand the trend of healthy development.

When you scrape acupuncture meridians, it can also play a therapeutic and health care effect on the organs.

For some frequently occurring and common diseases that are prone to recurrences, such as pain and digestive disorders, and other chronic diseases, Gua Sha therapy can quickly produce good effects.

When you apply some health-care scraping techniques in your practice, it can enhance the body's regulating ability, disease resistance ability, and rehabilitation ability. 

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patient reviews

GuaSha really helps my sleeping disorder &gas and bloated, regards to weightloss I don’t see coz I love to eat & I don’t do workouts.

- Alyssa. B

Hi , Laurel , I want to thank you for sharing and teaching us this amount of value to help people like me . I used to wake up with tens of headache, I felt so much better after I practice GuaSha.

- Jhon Morris

My ear had small lumps since I started to follow this health information, amazingly they almost shrunk after practicing these techniques, thank you very much.

- Jhon Morris

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I did it, a couple of practices, it was tense !! But my lines decreased so much after a while.

- Jhon Morris

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I work at a middle school as a Special Education Assistant. I wanted to share that- I feel happier with my skin since I’ve been doing treatments for anti-aging and internal organs. My birthday is February 25, 2021 and I will be turning 40. It’s a huge number and I’m hoping to continue doing treatments to look healthier, happier, and young ☺️

- Jhon Morris

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Hi laurel , I did the GuaSha technique last night and for some reason, my foot that has been hurting for months not is pain free. Thank you so much , you are god sent to me .

- Jhon Morris