Eye Care

This comprehensive Workshop teaches you everything you need to know about Eye Care GuaSha. Perfect for those who cannot attend the live sessions and want to learn and practice on their own time. You'll have lifetime access to this workshop!


What is this workshop about?

In this face-to-face zoom workshop, Dr. Laurel will personally help you delve into the power of practicing GuaSha, teach you the basics of using your GuaSha tools step-by-step, and give detailed instructions on how to use GuaSha for specifically targeted issues.

This class will focus on eye care through GuaSha, covering the following topics:

 - The history of the GuaSha practice
- Basic GuaSha scraping technique
- Precautions of GuaSha
- Acupressure points around the eye
 - GuaSha techniques for the following targets:
- Brightening eyes
- Antigen eyecare
- Eye disease (e.g. dry eyes)
- Eye tension and tiredness
 - Dark circles
- Eye bags
- Drooping eyelids
 - Eye through wrinkles


Video + PDF Guide






1 hr. 42 min.




Understand the history and conception of guaSha


Learn the connection between the eyes & our internal organs 


Learn & Practice seven Essential acupressure points around the eye


Live Practice step-by-step alongside Dr. Laurel

Workshop Content

Part One

This workshop starts by introducing you to Chinese culture and its rich history of GuaSha, including its benefits. You will learn about the Qi and Meridian System, as well as the lymphatic system, and how they work in the body. Then you will be introduced to the different types of stones used in GuaSha tools, and which one is the best for you. Lastly we will go over the precautions of GuaSha to make sure you feel comfortable before starting.

Part Two

In the second part of this workshop you will learn about the eyes through the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Western Science. Dr. Laurel clearly lays out how different parts of the eye connect to different organs within the body. Understanding this is important to your GuaSha practice and will allow you to notice things within yourself you may not have noticed before.

Part Three

This part of the video covers the 7 Acupressure Points of the Eye, where they are located, what they are connected to, and how to utilize them to target certain areas of concern. This section will also cover the Three Layers of Beauty which focus on things like anti-aging, fine lines, and other individual beauty problems you may be experiencing.

Part Four

In part four you will be able to take everything you have learned and begin practicing Eye Acupressure, Scalp Bojin and GuaSha alongside Dr. Laurel. She will guide you through each technique step-by-step so you can easily follow along and learn how to properly use GuaSha to maximize its benefits daily for your beauty and body health!

About Dr. Laurel

Dr. Laurel is a licensed acupuncturist and TCM practitioner. She has graduated from renowned universities, both in China and Canada, majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

She practices as a herbalist and board-licensed acupuncturist with the College and Association of Acupuncturists in Alberta (CAAA) and as a Registered Traditional TuiNa massage therapist with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). She came to Canada in 2013, and began work in a bustling acupuncture clinic. 

Over the eight years that she has worked there, she has treated thousands of patients through acupuncture, herbal medicine, GuaSha tools, TuiNa, and other remedies.

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