Terahertz Facial & Body Gua Sha Roller
Terahertz Facial & Body Gua Sha Roller


Terahertz Facial & Body Gua Sha Roller


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SunMoon GuaSha is a high performance, your next level GuaSha tool, is made of 100% Authentic Terahertz Stone, CREATED BY DR.LAUREL LIU ,BOARD-CERTIFIED ACUPUNCTURIST A unique merger of “Antiaging Properties of Chinese Ancient Wisdom” and “Healing Properties of a Powerful Terahertz Stone” for professional effects.

Sunmoon Teraherz GuaSha Set - your daily beauty ritual for body and mind

Sunmoon consists of unique facial and body massage accessories created from 100% authentic Terahertz Stone. These amazing products are a result of many years of Chinese tradition and knowledge, that combine the art of a traditional Eastern Asian GuaSha therapy with healing properties of Terahertz Stone. Enjoy your daily ritual of body and mind blessed by a Buddhist Monk. 

Healing properties of a Powerful Terahertz Stone

Terahertz is a stone created by Japanese scientists which has exceptional healing properties. Its uniqueness is based on the secretion of delicate electromagnetic vibrations, which miraculously affect the skin condition, reduce pain and support the detoxification.

A professional combination “Antiaging property of Chinese ancient wisdom” and “Healing properties of a Powerful Terahertz Stone”

Remarkable properties of the stone, combined with a centuries-old tradition of Chinese GuaSha therapy, not only faster skin regeneration and detoxification, improving skin elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, the healing energies that will strengthen  entire body .

Guarantee made by 100% Authentic Terahertz Stone

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Terahertz Gua Sha Set

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Lifetime Replacement Service

Just send us an email if your tool breaks, and we will send you a new one with only paying
minimal shipping and handling fee.  

blessed by chinese Buddhist Monk

the powerful Terahertz stone blessing by Kunga
Buddhist Monk from Tibetan Monastery  





Customer Reviews

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Nyssa Clark
Life changing!

I feel so blessed to have found you. I just knew somehow you could change my life and wow! It’s so great! Thank you so much, integrity is everything to me. I want to share the gift you are giving us! 💞 so empowering. I’m so excited to continue on.

Pamela W.
Terahertz Stone Qua Sha is the only thing helped me

I have been suffering from depression and tinnitus for several years now. Your terahertz Qua Sha set has been the ONLY THING that has helped with my tinnitus. I am so thankful and grateful that God lead me to you. I also get acupuncture and cupping once every other week, but NOTHING has helped like the Qua Sha.
Thank you
Pamela 🧚🏾‍♀

Ellen A
healing gift

The GuaSha set arrived promptly and is well-packaged. The tools are made of terahertz stone, are beautiful and very healing! Initial use around my eyes warmed the area right away and opened up my eyes; pleasantly surprised that my dry eyes are getting much better by the day! Most importantly, the tools are instrumental in helping me with my more serious symptoms and I am truly grateful. I did tongue reading and full-body consult with Dr. Laurel and she was very patient and thorough throughout the 2 hrs. She is also always ready for additional questions during the treatment. I was diagnosed with damp heat with liver as the major organ of imbalance, also affecting kidney and spleen. I had a multitude of body symptoms including bloating, fatigue, dry eyes, brain fog, body pains, and quite happy I am almost brand new again! Your GuaSha tools and method of treatment works, Dr. Laurel. Thank you for my renewed health and life and thank you to a dear friend who introduced me to you! Be blessed!

Purchase Guasha Set!!!-Money well spent!

I noticed a big difference with 2 day use on my face, I used vitamin E oil and I have seen lines diminish, blemishes improve. I’m excited!!! Can’t wait to see what 2 weeks straight will do. I also have noticed relaxation and overall well being for body use. Super and excellent information provided by Dr makes it much easier to learn to use. Love it!!!! Also Ann in customer service is excellent and prompt in helping with any concerns.

Joyce B
SunMoon Terahertz Stone GuaSha Set

I love, love my GuaSha tools. I am very happy with my purchase and the tools are beautiful…Once the tools arrived I became super excited from start to finish (I forgot to record the box opening). The packaging was prepared with care, and I felt the positive energy. I touched the tools, one-by-one and smiled. I began using the tools the very next day and I love the cooling/warming effects. After my first use my skin was absolutely glowing. The GuaSha tool is helping with my migraines and mood. I’m still learning, but I love the journey and I’m eager to learn more. Special thanks to Dr. Laurel for sharing her knowledge and expertise, and to the team that ensures that the GuaSha tools are distributed with care.

100 %

I was absolutely thrilled and 100% happy with the ordering , fast shipping and opening of the tool kit , it’s my new best friend . I love using it and following Dr laurels tuition . Still waiting on my results ... but my wrinkles and Jowls didn’t come over night so I guess they won’t disappear over night either . Thanks again TEAM !!! Big improvement already

pATIENTS review